Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Do You Have Pets or Small Children?

We offer eco-friendly cleaning services in the Kent, WA area

Are you aware of the chemicals in your cleaning products? Household cleaners often contain harsh ingredients that can be effective on dirt and germs, but they're harmful to your health. When you have small children or pets in your home, consider eco-friendly cleaning services from at Fineline Solutions LLC. Our experts use cleaning products free of ammonia and chloride. Our green cleaning services are perfect for older homes in the Kent, WA area with septic systems.

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Benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products

Switching to eco-friendly cleaning services can provide you and your loved ones with a safer and healthier environment. Harsh chemicals inside of cleaning products often lead to skin, throat and eye irritation. Our green cleaning services and products are great because they:

  • Contain fewer allergens and irritants
  • Tend to be safer for your skin
  • Extend the life of most household items
Our green cleaning services are available for an additional fee. Call now for more information.